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Silent but Deadly

Et In Arcadia Ego
I am an Atheist.
I have lived all over the US, and Germany. I find just about everything to be worth learning something about, consequently I know just enough about anything to get me in trouble. I've been playing Role Playing Games since 1979, and I've seen every episode of the original Star Trek, which of course makes me one of the biggest geeks you will ever meet. I like all kinds of music, especially weird experimental electronic stuff. My favorite films are Paperhouse, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Blade Runner, Titanic, the Manchurian Candidate, the Thin Man films and anything with Humphrey Bogart. I'm pretty laid back about most things, and I've a very open mind.

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Date Created:2001-04-09
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Kergillian is a pervert. However he is a well behaved pervert who is loved and adored by dozens. Trent Lott said about Kergillian "If more Perverts where like him, we wouldn't have any of these problems we have now." Kergillian lives in Denial with his lovely wife queenjatarri and dreams of a day when he can get paid to play Dungeons and Dragons.
Strengths: He is kind, tolerant, smart, witty, and very modest.
Weaknesses: Mountain Dew. It's a sad addiction.
Special Skills: He can speak of himself in the third person.
Weapons: +4 Vorpal Tounge. Kergillian can also eat anything he can fit into his rather large mouth. If he succeeds in a grab attack, he may, in the following round, attempt to swallow any object size Small, or smaller.
Quote: "It's time you learned your place on the food chain!"

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kergillian is not a real person. He is a byproduct of your fevered imagination. You really should see a Doctor about that. He hopes one day to be a real boy and write novels. Until then he continues to play D&D and watch p0rn. You can read more of his senseless babblings in his LiveJournal.


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